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Lease Purchase Buy Now With Low FICO Scores

The term Lease Purchase or Lease Option Purchase come up often in conversations with buyers who know their credit needs improvement but have a desire to move toward home ownership. 

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ZILLOW Explains These Are The Colors You Should Paint Your Walls

When it comes time to sell your home, you might consider making some changes to make it more appealing to buyers. According to a new analysis by Zillow, paint color should definitely

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Home Selling Basics In Columbia And Lexington SC

It still amazes me that when a person attempts to sell their car, they clean it, wax it, take out all their personal items, and basically make it look “like new.” Yet when that same person goes

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Poor Credit No Problem Take This Step

Quick question....If you have a toothache, do you receive treatment from a friend or family member? Do you call your mechanic or your barber/stylist?  Of course not, you call a dentist.

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