10 Year Housing Itch

Dated: 12/02/2017

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10 years seems to fly by so quickly these days.  August  2008 you walked your 2nd grader down to the classroom, hung around to make sure they made friends then cried in the car.  August 2018, you'll be dropping that 2nd grader off at college or maybe even watching them swear in as a member of the military.   10 years has come and gone and so has your need for that extra bedroom and study space.

The good news is that for the first time since the housing market dip, your home value is equal to or in most cases higher than your initial purchase price.  Like many homeowners, it may be time for you sell your existing home and move into that new housing community you've been driving by for the past year.

Where do you start?  What's your home's current value? What do interest rates look like?  How much home can I afford?  Where do I sign?  

Start right here, right now!

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