Who Represents You In New Construction Purchases

Dated: 12/21/2017

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Before you walk into that immaculately decorated model home and sign your name on the dotted line, ask yourself this question.....Who represents me in this transaction????

The short answer is NO ONE.   The onsite agent works for the builder and while they can write a contract for you, you are not represented by that onsite agent.

You have every right to be represented by your own real estate agent at no additional cost to you.  How is that possible you ask? It's possible because agency commissions are already included in the sales price of the property.  

What does the agent you ask?  A BUYER'S AGENT represents your interest in the transaction and is assigned to ensure that all requirements/requests (ie. paint color, flooring options, window coverings, garage door openers (yes you have to ask for these), light fixtures) are not only included in the contract but installed to your liking.  

The BUYER'S AGENT represents you and works on your behalf with the lender, the on site agent, the builder and the attorney to keep your new home purchase on track and on time to the best of their ability.  They are your everyday eyes and ears.

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